• Cameron Meyers

Shrine of Malice Guitarist Izrael Ausar Reportedly Exits Band

Band's Checkered Past May Have Led to Ausar's Departure

This band seems to have had some bad luck (Or some bad apples in the mix) over the past year. In case you forgot, Shrine of Malice was previously called out for sporting Pagan Nordic symbols that are commonly associated with Nazism on their merch. This was met with a quick dismissal from the band and was swiftly swept under the rug. The offending symbol in question can be seen on the sleeve of the garment below. To get the full background behind the Black Sun symbol, you can read here for more info on how the Nazis used this symbol in WWII. Anyways, this confusing mess quickly faded into unimportance as 2020 rolled in and all seemed to be forgotten.

Flash forward to recent days, it seems this band has had a completely different set of issues and they have also lost a very important member in the process. According to a couple of Facebook posts made by guitarist and songwriter Izrael Ausar, he has hinted at getting a lawyer and, within the same hour, announced that he has parted ways with Shrine. This all comes at a weird time too, as they just had some major issues with a run of wall flags and this disappointed many fans awaiting their orders. Is this merch issue the breaking point between band members, or was there a heavily underlying issue that is yet to be addressed? It looks like only time will tell. Below are the screenshots from Ausar's personal Facebook that confirms this to be true. It seems like it's only a matter of time before someone blows the lid off of this.

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