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Schwarzkopf: NEW EP 'QUEEN' (German Beatdown)

Welcoming Schwarzkopf, recently formed. You are definitely going to want to check out this German beatdown band. They recently released an assbeater 5 track ep, which has a hardcore/grindcore quickness to it. However, The release will break your neck every second of the way. I had a quick chat with vocalist Leonidas Black about the band:

Gabi: If you could have a dream tour with any bands I’d your choice, active or inactive, who would you pick?

Leonidas: “So first of all, thank you your interest in the band and for reaching out to me. What you do for the scene will only grow in value as time passes. Thanks to Toni for connecting us. Okay so there is a list of heavy hitters I would have loved to tour with. I.E.D. Bodybag, Terror Ave, Taste the Steel. All of these would have been premium. Future dream tours that are still possible would be with Sunami, Three Knee Deep, Deathsquad, Pintglass and the Merciless Concept. With the last Band I already had a tour scheduled in 2016 but it sadly fell through.

Gabi: What are your plans for the future with the band?

Leonidas: I will keep the current pace. 1 major release every 5 months. We all know a lot of shows got cancelled but for every show I can't play I will add 2 new ones. There is a lot coming up and a lot to look forward to. Me and my guys are working tirelessly to get the live experience we provide EVERYWHERE. I'm coming for every country. UK, RUSSIA, TURKEY, JAPAN, SPAIN and USA are already in the works.”

The release is titled 'Queen" at it is out now via DEATH TRAP

Follow the band now for more: https://www.facebook.com/schwarzkxpf/

This Article was Written by WWU Editor Gabi Ryan.


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