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Drowning: Out of Line (Feat. Street Soldier) - EXCLUSIVE

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

We are proud to bring to you the first single off the upcoming self titled album from Chicago's hardest, Drowning. This band is known for their face-breaking beatdowns along side aggressive 2 steps, topped with some wicked flows and lyrical punishment. The band has had multiple member changes through out the years, even calling it quits after their last studio album "23" and European tour. The band is back and with it's most polished line up yet. Mixing older members from previous albums with some new faces. With that being said, we can only expect the hardest drowning yet to come.

Their last album was a bit experimental for them, it was really different. Not this time around. The band said this will be the hardest album they have written to date. They listened to the people and are back to their roots and it shows with this new track. The self-tited album will be out sometime in 2020 via Fast Break Records. With all Drowning records, you can expect some killer guest spots. Including this release today featuring Scotty Hall of Street Soldier.

The track they are releasing today is called "Out of Line", and there is no better way to say "Drowning is fucking back!". They technically have 3 vocalists on the track and every part is memorable. Bryan's flows are top shelf and makes me want to punch holes in the walls while their bassist Doug (Crowd Deterrent/Cold Concrete) sings the more traditional Metal/Hardcore parts that stay with you after the song is over, and ofcourse Scotty Hall's feature will make you want to start a fight with your grandmother. Musically the track just does not let up one bit. It's a constant roller coaster of pissed-off-ness. If you have a lot of rage inside you, this song will set you free. Here's what Vocalist Bryan had to say about the release, followed by the brand new track itself.

" After the band breaking up I felt like there was something missing. This band has always been a huge part of my life and I didn’t realize how much it was a part of me. There was no other option other than to bring it back. This album will be the epitome of the sound that Drowning has coined and is well known for. We take pride in being ourselves while blending hip hop and hardcore beatdown music going back to our old roots which is nonstop face pounding music with intricate and catchy flows. This cd is dedicated to all our OG fans who been with us since day one. "

Music recorded at Mercenary Studios (Scott Creekmore) Video made by Worldwide Underground (Dakota) Follow The Band: https://www.facebook.com/Drowningchicagobeatdown/

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