• Cameron Meyers

Deadculture: Bitter EP - Review

Ohio natives Deadculture have been on my radar all year, without a doubt. They have so much to offer as a band and Bitter truly shows this. By the end of this EP, I think you will all be as pleasantly surprised as I was when I discovered this absolute gem. I don't think I'm exactly wrong for stating that this EP sets the bar for current up-and-coming metalcore artists.

Our journey begins with "Wasted World", an unforgiving introduction into the madness to follow. The influences spanning just this opening track are not only apparent, but you can also hear different pieces of what shapes these musicians right off the bat. "Cop Out" gets straight to the point and doesn't leave you any time to think and simply continues the experience as a whole. The atmospheric and darker vibes towards the end really adds to the diverse catalog this band grabs their inspiration from. From here things pick back up as "Enemy" kicks in as if nothing ever happened. This is where a heavy beatdown and hardcore presence take over for a brief moment before putting everything back into place. At this point, it's worth noting that the instrumental outros for these last two songs have really added to the overall atmosphere of the EP in a fantastic way. "Hate Forever" continues the rampage and truly lives up to the name in every possible way. "Short Game" closes this EP out on a high note, bringing every ounce of fight, hate and angst to the surface in a very real way. Unlike the other songs ending with an instrumental bit, this one ends in abrupt silence.

If you haven't listened to Bitter or heard of Deadculture at all, then you are missing out on a true experience. This EP showcases what this group of musicians has to offer and speaks volumes of what they will become. Free up 20 minutes of your time and support the future of metalcore.

Favorite Track -"Cop Out"

Rating - 9/10





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