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Proven: Always On Attack -Review

Proven is a Hardcore/Metal band repping Portland, Oregon. They have a new album, ready to be dropped via 1054 Records August 30th. The album is titled Always on the Attack, and its an ASS BEATER. With a track list of songs like; Run Your Mouth & Gloves Are Off, Everything was as expected. In Your face metallic hardcore, that will get all crowds moving one way or another. FFO: Biohazard, Sworn Enemy, Terror and Hatebreed. Look out for Always on the Attack, out later this month. You wont regret it!

Bottom Line: This type of hardcore is prime for all generations. Loads of heavily rooted influences, executed perfectly. Good flow from start to finish. A highly recommend buy. Standout Track: Insurrection, is my cup of tea. Rating: 9.2/10 Links: https://proven.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ProvenMusic/


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