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PARJURE - France's HARDEST (Hardcore Beatdown)

Parjure is one of those bands that just stick out to me. a Beatdown styled hardcore band that casually goes to the heavier sides of music. They've been around for a while now which disappoints me since I am 2 years late on their latest release "Who I Am" which could of been my album of the year in 2018. The breakdowns will break anyone's neck, but they also bring the bouncy grooves that will get every crowd moving. The metal influences add an extra level to their music. They will hit you with the riffs and then you get sucker punched by a bass dropped beatdown. You can listen to the album below, which is a complete, front to back, certified ass-beater. 10/10. There is a plus to all of this late findings for me, they have recently teamed up with an Aussie I know very well. Parjure has signed with 1054 Records out of Australia, and will be releasing new material in the near future! Go peep this video from 2016, jam that album from 2018 and get your self warmed up for what's to come later this year as the band is currently in the writing process! Bandcamp - Spotify - Facebook

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