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On Sight - Cause of Pain (REVIEW)

New Jersey's On Sight just released a heavy weight contender for Hardcore Album Of The Year in my book. Cause of Pain is a straight up sucker punch of Hardcore infused Metal. The album is filled with amazing lyrics, guitar riffage, and build ups that will bring down the roof anywhere. Each song melts your face and gets your body moving. Let's dive right in. Without You, is a great album opener. Lays the foundation for what's to come and what's to expect. Homie's will be catching hands after that dive bomb. Song ends with a perfectly executed 2 step. Expired comes in similar to the first song, this one's for all those sick and tired of being sick and tired. Extra points on the guitar solo and the end of the song will get any crowd, any venue moving around. Top 3 track for me, with out a doubt.

Best Bet, brings the 2 step and so far I've prolly lost 2000 calories and we are only like 5/6 minutes in to the album. Quick and to the point which is how I like my HC-Metal. Out Of Time; one thing i've learned, Every time you hear the guitarist shred, get ready to dance...

Moving on...... to hands down my favorite track on the release, Fire and Ice. This song comes in with a shattered realm vibe and it's a bone crusher. Truth be told.. Bass grooves are the key to my heart and even brief it gets me so fucking hyped for what's to come, and the rest of the song is as hard as it gets.

The big title track, Cause of Pain comes in swinging, up beat hardcore but overall an absolute ass beater. As the opener track laid out the foundation, this song definitely solidifies the album. The build up//2step during the "Cant You See That You Are The Cause of Pain" part will send people to the hospital. The song rings out and into the final track, Dead Ends. The subtle but killer guitar leads that bring this album to another level, all come into full effect on this final track. This jam feels like it's split into two, as it fades out, but comes back to break your fucking neck with some extra bounce. The drums make sure of it.

Bottom Line: The band has a formula and it's bullet proof. Each song brings something new but never losses it's identity through out the entire album. No song feels like a filler track, very well written and great song placement. The album is a quick and powerful ride that doesn't leaves you will no will to skip a single track. I thoroughly enjoyed this album and it will be among the highest rated releases I've ever personally reviewed. Standout Track: Fire And Ice, And Cause Of Pain would be my top 2 tracks. They will be in rotation for a long long time. Rating: 10/10

Follow The band: https://facebook.com/OnSightHC https://www.instagram.com/onsighthc/ https://onsighthc.bandcamp.com/ 'Cause Of Pain' was released April 24, 2020 via Unbeaten Records https://unbeaten.merchnow.com/ STREAM FULL ALBUM BELOW!


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