• Amber Jameson

Now You Know True Pain: Skin Ticket

Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down with Josh Mata (Skin Ticket, Purgatory) to talk about what Skin Ticket has been up to, as well as what Pure Fucking Chaos really means. From police brutality, to lyrics inspired by real life events, Josh breaks it down and proves Skin Ticket are real ones. Formed in April of 2019, this 3 piece has made a huge statement in the Arizona Metal and Hardcore scene. Listen to the full interview below: (We know the audio is quiet, our apologies.)

Everyone I talk to about Skin Ticket has the same thing to say about your sound, and that's that it's big. Accurate description, how would you explain your sound to someone who hasn't heard you before?

To be real, I do want it to sound huge and big. I want people to go from looking at their phone at shows and be like "What the fuck", like they HAVE to look at what's happening. A lot of it is driven by chaos. Also, other bands like Crowbar, Machinehead, you know.

Skin Ticket is headlining The Rebel Lounge Feb 5 with Woundvac, Thra and Shuttervision.

Following, they are on the stacked bill @ The Underground with The Warriors Feb 19th. This WILL pack in. Get your tickets while you can.

-Amber Jameson (Crucial Noise)

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