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NASTY: New Music Video "ULTIMATE"

The Belgium boys in Nasty give us yet another reason to break some knuckles today. They dropped a new music video for "Ultimate" a track off their upcoming album 'Menace' due out august 25th. (Pre order Here) Check out the video below followed by more details about the band and release!

Video made by: Young Shicky Micky

Follow The Band: Instagram: - http://instagram.com/nasty_lc

Twitter - http://twitter.com/nastylc

Facebook: - https://www.facebook.com/getnasty

"Ultimate" Lyrics: Walking on a cold world hope the ice won‘t break. A price to pay for clout there’s a risk to take. Reaching for the ultimate! Reaching for the Max. Knowing you won‘t live forever Reaching for the ultimate! Reaching for the Max. Knowing you won‘t live forever But forever shall they know your Name. Reaching for the ultimate! Them words not trusted. neither walk their path. I know your fear, don‘t you watch your past. You passed the gun so they point on you! You say no to war but they draw you into. Hungry eyes, fire blood, cornered you attack! No way out! no way out! You’re aiming for the neck Ripping the facade to its foundation. Violence regulating! Reincarnation! All Shiny till the Times get rough! All blinded till they open up! Clouds raining black from bloodred skies! Eternity gon listen to the echo of your battlecries

Menace - Track List: 1. Ultimate

2. Bulletrain

3. Menace

4. Be Careful

5. 666AM

6. Tricky Plays

7. Betrayer

8. You Will Know My Name

9. Inhale/Exhale

10. Blood Crop

11. Addicted

12. Table Of Kings

13. The End Of The World

14. Ballad Of Bullets

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