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Methwitch: New Song 'Bed Full Of Snakes'

For those unfamiliar, Methwitch is a one-man-band lead by Cameron McBride. If I had to label the genre of Methwitch, no matter what I say would be completely wrong. The music is like if anxiety was a horror movie converted into a .Wav file. Every song he has ever produced makes my brain work hard to digest it all, which is exactly why I love the music. If you close your eyes, every track comes with a built-in visual. You can literally see the music.

Today Methwitch dropped a new song titled, Bed Full Of Snakes, which is a complete banger. It has what you expect from the band if you are a fan already, that dark/evil/hectic horror vibe mixed with like 25 genres of metal and core. What stands out most on this track is that for a minute or so you will think you just walked into a slipknot time warp. Musically, and vocally, it's a tasteful tribute to one of his many influences. Listen and you will know EXACTLY what I am talking about! Album announcement coming 2/27

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