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INFILTRATE: New EP 'Dethroned' (North Carolina Hardcore)

Infiltrate just dropped a new EP. Hardcore from Winston Salem, North Carolina, they bring an 00's vibe to 2020 and that we can all thank them for. 5 tracks that will get your blood boiling and ready for war. If beating the shit out of your friends is a good time to you, please give these dudes a listen. The EP comes with a visual of a 15 head pile up, jumping the vocalist during a set. Each track is a constant build up with crushing breaks. The production is raw but that's just how this music needs to be. wouldn't want it any other way. Check out their new tracks, EP titled "Dethroned". It's live on Bandcamp now and will be on other streaming platforms in the coming days. Till then, share this and throw up them #NCHC 's

Support the band: https://infiltratenc.bandcamp.com


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