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ICYMI: New Music You Might Have Missed Recently

Every week new up-and-coming bands are releasing new things. Given the state of the music scene during the pandemic, it seems that music is being written and released more frequently. For example, Chivago-based trio VCTMS recently teased that Vol. 4 is done and it may not be a stretch to assume they may even be working on a release to follow THAT, given their almost constant drive for writing.

With that being said, let's dive into some new music!

HEALER - Separation (Metalcore, InVogue Records, PA)

Here with a positive, feel-good take on heavy metalcore is Pittsburgh's own Healer. Recently signed to InVogue Records, this band is packed full of talent in every aspect and I believe they will be a game changer for metalcore fans. "Separation" appears to be their first and only available song. But with this dedicated and hard-working lineup I think we will be hearing more things real soon so make sure you follow them and stay tuned. (FFO: In Search of Solace, A Day to Remember, Late 2000's Metalcore)


QUIETKIND - Inner Circle (Progressive Metalcore, We Are Triumphant, WI)

If the Midwest is good at anything that isn't dairy related, it would probably be progressive metalcore/djent. This Central Wisconsin-based two-piece has been tearing it up (Primarily as a three-piece until recently) for a couple years, counting their recently broken hiatus. Their newest single, "Inner Circle" is nothing short of an absolute masterpiece. Loaded to the brim with ascending and descending riffs and intense lyrics throughout, QuietKind's latest offering just further cements their spot in the Midwest metal scene. If you have not yet heard of this band, I think that wil be changing very soon given their absolutely dedicated following. Expect more from QuietKind very soon. (FFO: After the Burial, The Plot in You, Like Moths to Flames)



SEARCHING FOR NOSTALGIA - SummerHaze (Pop Punk, Unsigned, MO)

This Springfield pop punk/"hippycore" outfit has been on my radar for a while, and they just keep getting better and better with each new release. Once post-hardcore/easycore now full-fledged pop punk act, this five-piece really knows how to write some catchy tunes that I would personally classify as "Heavy Never Shout Never", meant in the best possible way, of course. SFN's newest release is titled "SummerHaze" and depicts summertime antics that I'm pretty sure most degenerates like myself can relate to. If this song happens to catch your attention, make sure to also check out "Conglomerate" as well! (FFO: Old Eatmewhileimhot, Belmont, Easycore)


DECAYER - Talented Sun (Heavy Metalcore, We Are Triumphant, AZ)

Arizona heavy-hitters Decayer are about to unleash a ferocious album on us at the end of the week so it feels only right to talk abouut one of their new-ish singles. "Talented Sun" is an absolute ripper from beginning to end. If the heavy riffs don't drag you in, the vocals will definitely do it. This song is so well put together that it merits multiple listens just to start some pits in the comfort of your own living room. Decayer definitely has something special up their sleeves and it will soon be shared with the world. Make sure you follow them and pick up a copy of Shades of Grief, out July 31st! (FFO: Spite, Varials, Fight Riffs)


HUMAN BARBECUE - "Sliced and Eviscerated" (Slam, Reality Fade, Belgium)

Fresh off the press (Or barbecue, rather) is Belgium-based slam outfit Human Barbecue. This track is an absolutely filthy dispaly of grimy, sludgy slam that hits the ear in all the right ways. This anxiety-inducing jam is their newest single, as well as the first one off of their new album, which is due out later this year. If you're a fan of absolutely nasty slam and insanely riffy heaviness, then you definitely need to give this song a listen.

Human Barbecue's new album, Bloodstained Altars, is due for a September 13th release so make sure you slam feinds watch out for that. (FFO: Vulvodynia, Krosis, Inferi)


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