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HOSTAGES: Chicago Hardcore Metal (Featured Artist)

Straight out of Chicago, Hostages brings a flavor of heavy some may just be missing (me). The early to mid-00's were a cool time for heavy music. Hardcore and Metal were getting mixed together often and perfected. It was that awkward time where Crossover, Hardcore Metal, and Metalcore all kind of meant the same thing, depending on where you are from, but that's of course arguable. There were hints of death metal, being thrown into metal and hardcore elements and bands were just killing it live. Birthed a lot of greats and tons of sub genres. Hostages brings a lot of the vibe into their music, I've only scratched the surface with this song but it's solid jam all around and i look forward into digging deeper into the EP. Check out 'A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE' now! and support them below!

The band, on the release: "Formed in the city of broad shoulders. We bringing back the nostalgia of the early-mid 2000’s Chicago hardcore sound ....this is off our latest EP DEATH WISH recorded in the winter of 2019 released right before the world shut down!" Support: Instagram: @hostages_312

Facebook: @hostages312

Bandcamp: https://hostages312.bandcamp.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2c6jz...

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