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HIPHOP: 100Kufis a True Lyricist

I stumbled across a man that goes by Hunit Kufis. When I say man has bars I mean dude can fucking spit out complete madness in an oldschool flow. A quick browse of his YouTube shined some light on my faith for real underground hip hop. he just dropped a “Nick Cannon” diss, and no, not a corny one.

I don’t think this man has real beef with Nick Cannon, nor do I think he’s a mega fan Stan. I think dude knew he could shit all over Cannon’s disses and did so. Capitalizing on the name drop, just like Cannon tried to do to Em. He does show his respect to Em, but nothing "stan"ish. The dude delivers bars after bars. I will link his Youtube here. Make sure to check out his Freestyle Videos, Highly Recommended. https://www.facebook.com/100KUFIS/

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