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GUTTERLIFE: Nothing Like You (Listen Now)

Gutterlife is officially back! We recently warned the world that there was a new track coming and the bomb has been dropped! Rep'n Long Island, The band just released a monstrous comeback track. "Nothing like You" is aimed at all those with ego's in the music scene. If you are confused on how not to act within music communities, give it a good listen. When speaking with the project's founding and only member, Matthew, he noted that he hates when band's comeback and drop a disappointingly soft album. So he took the other route, He brought the band to its most aggressive level yet. This track is a freight train right off the bat which will get to anyone that likes to bang their fucking head. It only eases up to beat your ass again even harder. If you are a fan of the lighter side of the band you will still find yourself singing along, there are no disappointments here!

You can Jam the song right here, right now, but please note when it's stuck in your head later it is officially on all streaming platforms. More news on GL as it comes in, Follow them here to keep yourself up to date! Also, if you are new to Gutterlife get caught up here!

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