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GutterLife: 2020 Comeback

Updated: Apr 24

Since the beginning of this whole thing we call Worldwide Underground, we've had 3 websites in the growing processes. Gutterlife has been on every single one of them. One of the best bands to vibe to when you want something out of the normal rotation. They pay homage in a traditional sense to so many genres in the realm of hardcore, punk, and rock but adding twists that make it all fresh and relevant. With that said they have never feared to fit in anywhere, they experiment and go in directions most other bands simply don't have the inner tools to go in. Ive personally always stuck with the term "Alternative Punk" to simplify them but if you ever skimmed through one of their albums you'll understand it's way more complex than that. Gutterlife started off as a one-man-project, it was a rebellious way to release angst at local open mic nights for founding member Matthew Van Rossem. The young Long Islander was upset with the government, mixed with some conspiracy theories, he set off to write The Violent Dischord which was picked up by a label and released 2014. The album was very punk rock driven, and loaded with anthems I still blast today. The Following year, GL released "Don't Sleep". This release was along the lines of the first but more anti-war driven. It was angrier and harder than the first release, a lot more on the hardcore/metal side of things. I mean that as an overall influence, they are not a hardcore band but like I said they pay homage A LOT. This is when Matt knew he had to assemble a band and hit the road screaming. The band had lots of member changes and additions in the span between this album and the next. which ultimately took the band in an more indie rock direction.. in 2018, Radio Silence was released. It could easily be their best sounding album. They lost a bit of the roughness about them as they experimented with a more popish rock style but you can still hear amazing punk and hardcore/metal influences. Interesting enough, there is a booklet design for the CD that was not printed or issued, giving credit to who in the band wrote which songs. It became clear the songs written by Matthew himself kept hold of that true Gutterlife sound and vibe while the songs that were really off for the band were written by other members. Regardless, One of my favorite elements of this band if you can't tell by now is how they make you reminiscence on music from all sorts of eras. This album would of been your shit in high school, one of the coolest parts to me is that it was 15 years late. It was more of a fun/emotional album compared to the others. struggles with depression and drug abuse but there are some up-beat bangers to enjoy good times with your friends as well. The band dismantled, other than "Even in Death" it seemed all hope was lost for one of my favorite up and comers. Until the 2020 that is. Gutterlife teased some action on social media, leading towards a new song teaser. After reconnecting with Matthew, he sent me the track early for my opinions knowing I'm a huge fan. The biggest update is that GL is back to being Matthew's solo project (for now), with that change comes the more rooted GL I have been personally itching for since the day I heard them. The title of the song is "Nothing Like You" and it's all facts. First off the song is a constant punch in the face except for a catchy singalong in the middle, it just doesn't let up. It blasts through the gates with aggression Ive never heard before from this band. The song seems to be about all the jockstrap egos in the music scene, about losing what all brought us here in the first place. Too many fakes and drama. "SO KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD, SHUT UP, SHUT UP, STAY IN YOUR LANE OR GO HOME. STAY REAL, STAY TRUE , PUT YOUR EGO TO THE SIDE. YOULL REMEMBER THIS MUSIC SAVED YOUR LIFE!" . In GL fashion this song takes many turns, and in new directions old fans won't see coming. Executing all of them flawlessly. That catchy part I was talking about will make old fans feel at home though. While catching up with Matthew, he noted that he hates when bands come back and go soft. With this track he did the exact opposite bringing out a very tasteful, aggressive heavy side of GL. Keep your eyes peeled for NOTHING LIKE YOU, it will be released this Friday (4/24/20) more news to come! Keep up with Gutterlife here Matt V: "Had a lot fun writing this song. A definite departure from the sound of the last EP; it feels more like the “Don’t Sleep” era before the full band. In short, expect the old sound to return just beefed up with five more years of life experience. Something I wish most of my favorite bands did instead of completely turning from heavy to indie without ever looking back. #NothingLikeYou out 4/24" UPDATE: New Song "Nothing Like You" is OUT NOW! You can listen here! ------------------------------------------------------- Here's some of my favorite songs by them if you are new to the band Gutterlife:

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