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Grey State: Heavy Rock From North Carolina

Grey State is a hard hitting, heavy rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. Anthony Eynard brings that powerful feel as their vocalist, delivering clean, passionate, and scream worthy vocals. Brett Satterfield ,and Matt Alexander Rock on the guitar everything seems to flow beautifully. They both execute mind-blowing riffs and flawless performances through the debut single. Bryan Davis blasts out superior tunage on bass, while Cameron Berg showcases his amazing self-taught raw power on the drums.

“Abandon” their new single and video debuted in September of this year, which compiles such an emotional force with powerful lyrics. You can sense the fear of being alone in a situation where you are helpless and you feel nothingness surround your soul. Show your support and reach out to this amazing band on all social platforms: https://www.instagram.com/_greystate/ https://www.facebook.com/greystateofficial https://twitter.com/grey_state

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