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Garuda: New Song 'BEA$T' (New Jersey Metalcore)

Garuda has quickly become one of my favorite new bands and this is only the second track they have ever released together. Repping New Jersey they pack a punch, and have a variety for everyone into metal and core genres with each track. With this song, Vocalist Ryan Presti wanted to pay tribute to one of his best friends, Big Ron Gilbert. Ronny was the lead singer of NJ's Deathcore band Float Face Down. As you may know Ron was taken way too young from this earth in 2017. What better way to keep him alive in music by quoting his best friend's famous pre-breakdown lyric - "Get onto your fucking knees, beg for your life" from the FFD song 'Without Crutches'. Ryan did Ron good by this, even asked for permission from former FFD band mates before going ahead with the idea.

The song bangs! It showcases everything Garuda will be delivering with their music. Bouncy hard-metalcore that will at times make you want to punch a homie. +25 points for the killer guitar solo too.

"PAY THE RESPECT TO THE BEAST" check out "BEA$T" below! Hit Download and throw the homie's a few bucks! You can also Follow the band here! (@garudastrength)

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