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Event Horizon: New Song 'Brainless' (Djent/Nu Metal)

If you like multi-genre songs, I got one for ya! Freshly released from the homies in Event Horizon. 'Brainless' is a complete metal mash up, The New Orleans based Djent band brought some extra flavors to the party with this release. Ill chalk it up to Nu Metal, cause that's the overall vibe I personally get. Its a constant headbang from beginning to end, catchy chorus, some electronic/industrial vibes and ends with some CHUNK! As expected the entire song is super groove driven and brings the bounce. The chorus feels like it should be on a radio station's rotation, it will leave you itching for more. Vocals are top notch, at times sounds like Corey Taylor in his prime which ads to my nu metal claim. If you are new to Event Horizon, They are 100% worth the looking into!

Follow Them Here: www.facebook.com/EHNOLA2017

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