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Embryectomy: Death Metal/Slam from Greece

I’d like to thank the brutal death metal band, Embryectomy, from Greece, for taking the time to answer some questions for us at Worldwide Underground! Who have released a new album recently, on July 20th titled Flamethrower Ecdysis.

Gabi: What is one of the greatest hardships have you’ve faced as a band, that you don’t mind sharing?

First of all, we would like to thank you for the interview and also our fans for the constant support they give us throughout the whole world. We really get along as a band, we are actually only 2 people actively involved in Embryectomy so it is not hard managing the band and making it work. We would say that the hardest thing we ever had to deal with as a band is finding an actual drummer. Quality drummers are really hard to find these days and the complexity of our current accommodation (Kiriakos is living in Germany while Marinos is living in Greece) makes it even a harder task to find a drummer that fits our standards and also shares the same passion for slamming death metal as we do. We had attempted to find a drummer plenty of times, mostly from Greece, Germany and Portugal but never managed to achieve the addition of a full member in the band. Even so, we had the pleasure to share the stage with the drummer from Spawn of Disgust, Marius, in various occasions which we really enjoyed! The sound that a live drummer can introduce to a live show is just incomparable to any other format and we really hope we can add a drummer to our line-up

Gabi: What bands sounds where you influenced by the most musically?

We have been listening to what is nowadays called Slam for a quite a bit and we have to say that we in principle have tons of influences. Of course, some bands stand out, in our opinion, and are our greteasts influences. These bands are Cephalotripsy, Epicardiectomy, Cerebral Incubation and Inhuman Dissiliency. We would not be who we are right now though if we were not influenced by Beatdown Hardcore bands! Our greatest influences from the Beatdown scene are Spawn of Disgust, Abolisher and Vow of Hatred.

Gabi: Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share about the heavy music scene at the moment? Or any message in general that you’d like to share?

We do believe that the heavy music scene is going through a transient phase which is not necessarily bad. After all, the evolution of brutal death metal brought us to where we are and led us to form a Slam band. As true believers of caveman Slam though, we hope that we could revive the raw, crunching sound of old school slamming death metal through our latest release "Flamethrower Ecdysis". We feel this particular music genre has a lot to offer to the fans; it is a great way of getting out all the frustration from society and humanity and serves as an externalization mechanism of our most primal feelings. We would like to thank again all our fans, all friends we made on the road, Morbid Generation records, TIZ productions and hope we can get back on stage and pound those hammers as hard as we can!

This Article was Written by WWU Editor Gabi Ryan.


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