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DROWNING: New Music Video 'LOVESICK' (Exclusive)

Drowning is back! Again! Chicago Beatdown Hardcore outfit is here with a new music video. The band took a short hiatus back in 2018, and by hiatus I mean broke up. Vocalist Bryan announced the return of Drowning in 2019, Releasing one of the most ass beating of ass beaters later that year "Out Of Line" feat. Street Solider. This song however, has more vibes than your typical beatdown song as expected. Drowning is known to experiment outside of the same ole' beatdown songs and style. For instance 'Gods' from their album "23". Unlike Gods this song is heavy as fuck and will still make you want to punch your friends. The song is titled 'LOVESICK' and it's the second single to come from the new album. The song is clearly about heartache, dealing with and fighting off the feeling that comes with a relationship. Anyone that's ever dealt with a break up can easily relate to this song. The chorus is catchy, and I think it really shows the diversity and talent of the band. The band is also dropping merch with this single, so make sure follow them on their new Facebook and Instagram! Watch the video for LOVESICK below followed by a quick chat with vocalist Bryan about the song and band. If you are new to Drowning they have plenty of older music videos and albums you should be catching up on! New Album coming soon via Fast Break Records.


Chat with Bryan of Drowning:

Firstly Thanks for your time Bryan! Drowning was on hiatus, comeback , and now dropping bombs again. Can you update us on who’s all in the band currently? 

Currently we have our original guitarist back in the band Michael Robinson who played on our egotrip cd. We’ve recruited Doug and Connor who also play in crowd deterrent/Cold Concrete and Tim who played in Alcon. We departed from our bassist and guitarist off 23. Following that I recruited back Mike because he helped build the sound Drowning has developed from the get go. Then Tim,Doug,and Connor have just been good friends for a long time. 

First, you drop ‘Out of Line’. Now a music video for “Love Sick”, what else does the Drowning team have In store for 2020, or going into 2021?

We plan on releasing our third full length album with a couple of music videos. 2020 seems as if it is dead for touring so we plan to hit US,Europe,and many places we never have before heavy. This album will by far be our heaviest and best so we are very excited to play again.

Focusing on this latest release, what is the song about in your own words?

This song is about heartbreak and not feeling good enough. Coming to terms that the situation isn’t good for you anyway. Having so much love to give but not being able to do anything if it is not reciprocated. The feeling of being lovesick.

The video is very stands out among all the other Drowning music videos, mainly cause it’s purple and pink, what’s the concept behind that? 

We are a beatdown band but more/less we are artist. I wanted to go along with the theme of being lovesick. Pink and purple identify with love and heart. Showcasing the intense feelings that could come along with love and feeling heartbroken. Anyone whoever went through this knows the feeling. The colors are right however the feel isn’t.

Drowning is known for having some of the best features on tracks, is there any to be expected in future releases?

We have alot of features on our album that we are very excited about however this time around I am keeping that a secret until our album drops. Keep posted to see!

Is there any touring plans for when the world opens back up, post covid? 

Yes we plan to tour heavy on this cd. We love traveling and doing what we love. Hiatus has shown me how much I actually miss playing and doing it for the passion. I think it was good for the band. If I didn’t miss it..it wouldn’t be a part of me however it was the complete opposite.

The last word is yours! All in all we are back and doing what we love. This song is probably the least heaviest on the cd but my favorite lyrical content with the deepest meaning of genuine emotion. This cd is nothing but straight Chicago hip hop beatdown. There is no experimental songs or games. Everything is straight forward to the chin. This band is back to the roots of having fun and just trying to write the catchiest and heaviest music we can. I promise if y’all stay posted the cd will not disappoint and it will be the epitome of what Drowning is and always was meant to be since we release prey for me. A big thank you to everyone who has kept up and still supports us. I hope you enjoy the video this is just the first of alot to come in this next chapter.


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