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CJ McCreery: "Official Statement Video 2020" (Ex-Lorna Shore, ex-Signs Of The Swarm)

Updated: Jun 20

This guy lives a confusing life. Lorna Shore lost their vocalist to Chelsea Grin. Signs Of The Swarm Lost their Vocalist to Lorna Shore. That's all I really knew about him until he got removed from Lorna Shore as sexual accusations started popping up by multiple sources. You can catch up on all that here, via Loudwire. Since then, the band has released the album with his vocals despite kicking CJ out of the band before it dropped. For lorna Shore it's 3rd times' a charm, they have a new vocalist and things will continue moving forward with that band.

Fast forward, here we are in the madness we call 2020. Where anything is possible, but will Cj McCreery redeem himself from the machine they call cancel culture? You let us know. I watched 5 minutes and I came to this conclusion: Personally, i just don't like his face or his taste in room decor. However, Find your own opinion and watch the 33 minute video if you have the spare time.

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