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Bodysnatcher - This Heavy Void (Review)

Updated: Feb 3

Bodysnatcher is one of those bands that are such a pleasure to have in the heavy music world. Watching them evolve into what they are today is just amazing. They have grown into one of the top bands in Deathcore, unarguably. Freshly off the release of 'This Heavy Void', let's dive in!

The album begins on a monstrous note, setting the tone for everything that's about to punch you in the face. 'Twelve/Seventeen', the first track off the new album, is a prime choice to really kick things off. It showcases every direction this band likes to take. Doesn't take much time into track 2 until your mean face starts to cramp up. I hear so many influences that span from Hardcore, to OG deathcore and death metal; overall a neck breaking song. Don't waste to much energy though, the album has just begun.

'Merciless' is everything i love about deathcore from the golden age. Musically, this track could be off of "This is Exile" or something of the sort. The 2 step will open up any venue and I personally hope this makes the live setlist for that reason alone. Every direction this song takes makes me proud to have followed and supported them as long as I have. This could easily be my favorite off the album, but we are only at TRACK 3.

This album really is relentless in it's energy and concise anger. 'Nail in the Coffin' starts off sounding like an Emmure intro track.... +25 points. As aggressive and mean as their music is, Bodysnatcher has something in this album for everyone. This song is no exception.

Going down the line is 'Never Homesick', which has a heavy, heavy hardcore vibe that provides possibly the heaviest shit 2020 has to offer. Yeah, I know it's only February. I don't want to ruin too much, check this thing out for yourself. Wear protective gear.

Bottom line: This album is a tough opponent for AOTY on many people's lists. I'd put money on it. The tours this album comes with will be off the chain. Bodysnatcher is THAT BAND, and there is no sign of slowing up. It's rare for bands to follow up heavy music with even heavier and meaner releases, but these Florida boys continue to find a way. Though I'm freezing my ass off up here in New Jersey, they got me screaming FLORIDA DEATHCORE 4 EVER. Standout Track: Turning Point, Gave me Chills WWU RATING: 10/10 - Every single song is a banger. Links: www.facebook.com/bodysnatcherfl


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