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Blåådpalt - Finnish Death Metal (featured Artist)

If you like REAL death metal, pay some respects to these Finnish fellows. They bring a traditional brand of Death Metal you just cant get enough of these days. The video is very well done and the music is top notch. The band has a new album coming out this friday (Feb. 28) via InverseRecords Here's what the band has to say about the new single: "We chose ”God of Razorblade” as the single release from our album, because it reflects the band`s music overall. It has rawness and groovy parts, but also a melodic ambiance. The second verse`s vocal parts were replaced by a guitar solo during the mixing stage, which brought more versatility to the track. The makers of the music video did an excellent job creating an atmosphere that suits the single. We are extremely pleased with the music video."

Follow the band for everything you seek! https://www.facebook.com/Bloodpaltband http://www.instagram.com/bloodpalt

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