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BIRTH STRUGGLE DEATH: Hardcore Beatdown (Germany)

Birth Struggle Death from Hamburg, Germany, released the album “isolation”, on the 20th of May. I was really grateful to be able to have a few words with them about the band and release Gabi: How do you feel about this album compared to previously released Cursed Generation, and your Mad As Hell demo?

BSD: We are very happy how this record came out. Sure, there's always something, you want to improve or something you're not satisfied with. But we found our style and sound, because we have a stable line-up since the cursed generation ep. And you hear that. And we are all friends.

Gabi: Also, what would be your dream show to play? The line up can be active or non-active bands

BSD: That's a tough question. We are still 4 individuals with own preferences. Best line ups are with Bands which all play different styles. So you can always check out different people and styles. And shows with friend-bands like chamber of malice, acranius, getting even, contra or dagger threat are always fun. The aftershow-parties are always lit.

Gabi: What are your hopes for the future with birth struggle death?

BSD: Still playing music, a lot of shows and stay friends. We are hoping, our canceled euro-tour with drowning, chamber of malice and scourge will be rescheduled when all this madness through the 'rona is over...or maybe when shows will be safe again. Definitely recommend checking these guys out and supporting them !


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This Article was Written by WWU Editor Gabi Ryan.


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