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BEFORE I HAD WINGS: Release New Song + New Album coming 2021

One of my favorites doing it, Before I Had Wings just dropped a banger. The song is called Casualty Of Hypocrisy and its a nonstop gut punch. One of the hardest intro's to a song to hit 2020, and it doesn't let up. I dont say this much, but that BASS TONE! Holy shit, I dont know what it is, but that little pause with just the bass just truly sets the tone for the rest of the song. Check out the Video Following a quick statement by Vocalist Chris Wojnicki: "Song is about cancel culture enthusiast and how contradictory they are. BIHW is working on our new full length entitled NO MERCY FOR THE MAJORITY due out sometime next year via Upstate Records." (IF THE VIDEO DOES NOT PLAY, CLICK HERE)


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