• Cameron Meyers

AIGHT BET: Release Debut Song 'Accountability' (EXCLUSIVE)

Southside Chicago “Hoodcore” outfit have been teasing us long enough and unleashed their debut single “Accountability”. Fusing the best parts of hip-hop and hardcore, Aight Bet seem to be very confident in the sound they have created and have no problem being bluntly brutal and tactically tasteful with their wordplay. It's honest, it's hard as fuck and they're making the music they love – All while shattering any misconception about hip-hop having no place around heavy music. Honestly, I love the blend of heavy music and hip-hop way more than the average person, and the fact that this band has pulled this off with their debut has me heavily invested as a listener already. Being this fresh on their quest to being the best version of themselves as a unit, It's good to see that Aight Bet is set on being the oddballs and paving their own way.

Furthermore, we briefly caught up with Maurice for a quick bit of insight into the formation of Aight Bet and musical wet dreams, among other things, of course.

CAMERON (WWU): How did Aight Bet come to be? Who really stepped up and took those first steps to create this band?

MAURICE (AB): So, I'm an emcee/rapper with the stage name MOECYRUS which means (MONEY OVER EVERYTHING, CYRUS ON THE THRONE) Referring to Cyrus The Great who was dethroned for giving people liberation in the mind. M.O.E.C.Y.R.U.S. abbreviation also stands for (MONEY OVER EVERYTHING CUZ YOULL REGRET UNDERSTANDING STUPIDITY). In other words, get your fuckin, money cuz emotions don,t hold value. I wanted to do something on the HxC side of music aside from my hip hop shit for a long time. I play drums in another band called 1837 and our bassist has a program where you can record guitar, bass, and drums. I took that to my advantage and sat down with him to write a couple songs that slightly emulated my influences throughout the years. Ive played drums in quite a few bands over the years that made it to what I say is an elite level but never really stuck with it cuz of some bullshit getting in the way but I made that change by coining this idea. We'll have a full line up soon. I need people that have a dream and want to potentially be beasts and dont wanna settle with shitty ass scene politics.

WWU: What made you all decide that this was he sound for you? Why is it of importance to you?

AB: I always been into the heavy shit. The energy from that has been instilled in me since day one! Im excited to talk my shit because its universal.

WWU: Being a fairly new band, what's one piece of advice you'd like to offer to other new bands getting ready to make their debut?

AB: What ever you do, make sure the message you convey on is point because some of these mfs will twist your words and distort your image if they aint getting in. A Lot of mfs don't know what the fuck they're talkin about. Just read their lyrics. Most of the time it don't even sound genuine.

WWU: What artist or artists would you put on your dream split EP with Aight Bet?

AB: E-Town Concrete x Bulldoze x Drowning x BodyCount x Dog Eat Dog x Downset x Cold World x IcePick x Easy Money (Editor's note - Take my money now)

WWU: Once the world returns to normal (or anything close to it), Who's one band you would kill to go on tour with?

AB: BODYCOUNT cuz ICE-T is the real deal!

If you're with it, then make sure you follow Aight Bet to stay up to date on new music, I can't doubt it's gonna be THAT long of a wait for more tunes. Support this band.




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